Photograph supplied by Tourism Tasmania

Tamar River, Launceston

Major population centres and resort areas are served by a good public transport system. However, due to the low population, services to some areas are quite restricted and may require overnight stays. Under these circumstances, a day coach tour can be an alternative.

Major bushwalking areas are well serviced during summer, but not necessarily at other times of the year. Special transport can be arranged in any season, however, this may be expensive for small parties.

Most destinations in Tasmania are serviced by just one of the several coach companies operating in the state. Hence, a traveller may need to use more than one company to get around.

7 to 30 day bus passes are available with one coach operator. Prices range from $130 to $240. The passes cover most of the state's national parks, main towns and tourist features. It is advisable to check individual fares before purchasing a pass, as in some cases it is cheaper to buy individual fares as you go. Once travel has commenced, passes are non-refundable.

Fares for some commonly visited places:*

  Launceston $23.50   Bicheno $20.00
  Devonport $32.00   Cradle Mountain $49.00
  Lake St Clair $30.00   Lake St Clair $74.00
  Cradle Mountain $65.00   Strahan $49.00
  Strahan $48.00   Devonport $15.00
  Bicheno $21.00   Stanley $35.00
  Cockle Creek $48.00      
  Scotts Peak $48.00      
  Port Arthur $14.00      
  Cradle Mountain $19.50      

*International Student Card Holders receive a 10% discount