Photograph by John de la Roche, supplied by Tourism Tasmania

Apple Stand, Huon Valley


For two or more people, hiring a vehicle can be a very economical mode of transport.

Tasmania is a particularly attractive self-drive destination. It is a pleasure to drive on roads with so little traffic. The majority of roads are tar sealed but, due to the terrain, some are narrower and have more bends than roads in other parts of Australia. Consequently, a little more time should be allowed for travel than the distances may suggest. The constant temptation to stop and admire the scenery or take photographs should also be taken into account.

A large range of vehicles is available for hire, from small, inexpensive cars to large people movers. All the major hire car companies are represented in Tasmania, as well as some local companies.

You can rent a vehicle for just a day, or for the entire length of your stay. The longer your rental, the cheaper your rental rate. All vehicles come with insurance, but there is a high damage excess and the cost of reducing this to an acceptable figure (optional) varies from $16.50 to $22.00 per day. There is also an airport tax on Hobart and Launceston airports. Some companies also have additional "extra charges" that need to be allowed for. If you book your car with us, we will specify exactly all the charges that you may encounter.

We have access to the best rental car deals and the following are examples:

Small manual car - From $40.00 per day with unlimited mileage.
Small automatic sedan - From $49.00 per day with unlimited mileage.
Large automatic sedan - From $60.00 per day with unlimited mileage.
There are also sporty two seater convertibles, luxury sedans and 4 wheel drives.


A huge range of campervans is available, fully equipped, such as:
Small 2/3 berth Hi Top style van - From $65.00 per day
Larger 3/4 berth vans with shower and toilet - From $120.00 per day
Luxury 5/6 berth motorhomes - From $150.00 per day

NB Extra insurance charges may apply.

Generally, vehicles are only available to people over the age of 21 who hold an international or Australian drivers licence.

Motorcycles and bicycles are also available for hire.


IMPORTANT: Vehicles drive on the left in Tasmania.