Photograph by George Apostolldis, supplied by Tourism Tasmania

Sea Kayaking/Ketchem Bay, South West National Park



Tasmania is a thrill-seeker's paradise. Almost half the state is devoted to either national parks or state reserves, and with a population of under 500 000 people, it is one huge playground for adventurous souls.

Activities are available for groups or individuals, from a half day trip to a 13 day complete state experience, Tasmania has it all.

You may choose from:

white water rafting rock climbing/abseiling jet boating hang gliding
sea kayaking 4 wheel motorcycles scuba diving sky diving

There are also 'softer' experiences available, such as:

fishing cycling nature tours sailing 4wd tours horse riding

Every year, more and more international visitors discover the adventures available on this unique island. Numerous companies cater for adventure activities, particularly in the warmer months.

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