Photograph by Geoff Murray, supplied by Tourism Tasmania

Ross Bridge & Church



Cradle Mt. Lodge

Your own cabin for two nights in this pristine alpine area, including buffet breakfasts, with rental car for 3 days and some lodge activities.


Pencil Pine Cabin

Spa cabin

Spa suite


$600.00 (for 2 people)



Three nights stays including
breakfast, wine and cheese
tasting, a guided national park walk and car for 4 days.

Pencil pine cabin

Spa cabin

Spa suite

$860.00 ( for 2 people)



Romantic moments

Two nights with breakfasts,
wine and cheese tasting, chilled Australian wine and a
half hour therapeutic massage.

Spa cabin

Spa suite

and car for three days.

$870.00 (for 2 people)


Launceston Country Club

Five star spa suite, casino, golf course, pool and gymnasium.


Two nights of luxury

Four nights for price of three


$570.00 (for 2 people)


Southern Delight

Stay at the Hotel Grand
Chancellor on the waterfront.
Hobart's finest location.
Walk to Salamanca Place.


Three nights of luxury and
private airport transfers.

Above PLUS full day coach tour to Port Arthur and buffet
breakasts daily.


$570.00 (for 2 people)



Email us for an itinerary and details.